What is ipv4 to create subdomain & How to create a subdomain in Google Domain?

I am not Tech savy and basically I am a mechanical engineer and blogging & youtubing for passion. I bought a domain in google domain and I wanted to create a subdomain to use it for various gateways. The first foremost requirement to create a domain name is IPV4 address as I could see

I was struck at how to create a subdomain and came across various YouTube and the following are the points which was catchy from internet and while I was trying to create subdomain, it confused me even more and didn't yield desired result

1. Google domain is not web hosting provider & just a domain registrar. If you create website with any of the Google platform like blogger, Google sites, your site will be connected with their DNS service. No IPV4 address. Their customer support sent such response

2. You can find that Google common ipv4 & ipv6 addresses are as below but those will not work when you create subdomain as it will lead to error

For IPv4: and/or & For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844.

4. I found my ipv4 address in this IP look up by referring an article. But if you use it, your personal IP address of your own laptop or Desktop is exposed and it is a threat as indicated by them and they insist to pay to protect- Gosh.

How I found solution
I watched few youtubes who says to visit custom records to create a subdomain. The main issue in those youtubes, I could not find my IPV4 or IPV6 address and I was beating around the bush
Finally, I figured out 2 ways and found my subdomains were started working after some time
Way 1
I used Google website hosts IP address as my IPV4 address. When you create using this method, Google automatically does the DNS set up for said Google cloud ip address

How to find - Visit your blogger website connected with your domain, click on the lock icon, click certificate, click details & click subject alternative name, there you will find a IP address and use the same in create subdomain with IPV4 address
how to find ipv4 address in google domain to create subdomain

Visit to registered hosts or Glue records, fill up the IP number you found from your domain address as above, give your host name and save

How to find ipv4 of Google name server

Way 2
I used name server which was allocated by Google domain in custom resource record to create my subdomain and after some time my subdomains started working
How to find- Visit Google domains registrar, visit respective domain, click manage, click "Domains" 3rd from top at the left side, scroll for custom resource and add your subdomain name(example), select NS in Type, keep the TTL as default  and copy paste any one of your name server out of 4, click save

How to create subdomain in google domain

Hope this helps you in  how to identify ipv4 of google name server, thanks & keep visiting to my blog

How to decide buying my Home/ Flat and How to analyse before buying


How to decide buying your apartment
This article is made out of my experience and I am sharing this for wide Consumer awareness as Delighted consumer will spread awareness among their society for wisdom.  I myself did a beginner level analysis in "How to decide buying my Home" and encountered many issues & experiences which I provided in this article to the best of my knowledge which will filter out the bad builders before you fell in their trap

This is consumers in all level who invest their hard earned money for their Dream Home. I kept aside the investors perspective

Current situation in Real Estate

Indian Real estate market is in severe stress and all over India 7lakh unsold properties are available as per RBI data as on July 2021 . Though the backlog is cleared from 8.5 lakh units by 2020 to 7 lakh units by first quarter of 2021, it is very slow while comparing previous decade growth and further resale value & growth may decline due to job loss, business dead locks due to pandemic which resulted in non-completion, inventories by the Real Estate Industry.

Statistics from census India shows that 86% of population has Liveable House for them. Upgrade of those houses depends economic growth and people buying capa in future

The population/working society growth from the previous century may still come down due to Artificial intelligence, Age dependency of old is increasing, Age dependency of young is decreasing, as per the statistics of world bank

How to analyse before buying your home
Figure 1- Population growth India, source - https://data.worldbank.org/indicator

Moreover, 65% of the people of India lives in rural areas and 35% live in urban areas. The proportion residing in urban areas has doubled in 2020 from 17% in 1950 and is expected that half of the India population will be in urban areas by 2050.As of 2020, Share of population in the age group 0-14 is 26.16 percent. Share of working age population (15-65 years) is 67.27 percent. 6.57% Indian has age more than 60 year. (Source - https://statisticstimes.com/demographics/country/india-population.php)

In a pessimistic outlook, 67.27% share of working population (15-65YO) will reduce by 2050, burden on Government or the younger generation will increase with respect to financial position. In optimistic outlook, migration towards urban will increase by 10-15% as per above source and all these factors may give very less impact on Real estate sector in Environment Change scenario

Excel analysis on buy or rent
As per my excel sheet analysis - FREE excel file link in this article

Hence, we would suggest to take wise decision before investing or Buying your Home

Watch our video to know the Value of Savings & Investment rather buying.  

How to decide Buying your home/apartment – Fair selection tips

Investing in ready to occupy, best locality, best quality properties will yield result in short & long run. Even though second hand/resale property, it will save your cost, time, mental fatigue for greater extent. 

This article doesn’t suggest you to invest or How to Decide for Rent or buy fact but gives you fair selection process & tips in consumer perspective for the really needy consumers on How to decide buying your Home & tips to avoid complications at later stage.

To keep it concise, we make How to decide Buying a Home as 3 Phases as below

1. Plan
a. Builder & Project selection
b. Cost analysis

2. Execute
a. RERA, CMDA approval & CREDAI certifications
b. Builder- Buyer agreement & Correspondence

3. Check
a. Visit site & Ensure timely completion
b. Communicate & record

1. Plan - a. Selection of Builder, Project

We are not going to beat around bush as there are plenty of articles to decide. BEWARE that most of the articles from any third party either suggests to become their member to use their tool and they claim that already made analysis and you have to just select best project/builder. Few of them seems to be third party will refer to builder’s website which is prefixed.

We strongly suggest to make an excel sheet so that analysis will be fair, transparent and can be referred throughout the time till you finalize Buying your Home and may help someone

Make an excel sheet 1 as shown below, analyse & record all factual observation about the project, builder in respective columns.

Example facts (on what basis you have to key in the observations) are provided in respective excel column but not limited to it. You can collect these facts for as many projects as you want but more numbers will confuse you more, hence keep it precise and bring best out of better of short listed. Based on the observed facts, you can give score in either in each column (to have more calibration) or cumulative at the end of the sheet for respective project & builder

How to decide buying my apartment

Factors to consider – Builder & brand value, Previous project experience, previous completed projects & schedule efficiency, Quality of previous projects & feedback, Basic infra like road connectivity, electricity issues, safety, police station, sewage connectivity, Project locality, appreciation potential

b. Budget

Let’s keep away discussing about your own eligibility of budget as it is very simple & straight and is purely based on your financial capability & bank loan eligibility. Hence you will have complete control. You have plenty of advice on web for this

With respect to your Home budget, the cost is derived based on the locality, quality, amenities they provide

Make an excel sheet 2 as shown below, analyse & record all factual observation about the cost in respective columns. Again, this is also same like above selection methodology for all the projects you identified in sheet 2. Differentiate Fixed  & Operational cost. Fixed cost is your initial investment (including your loan re-payment tenure & money). Operational cost is regular monthly expenditure for your transportation, maintenance  & other associated cost. Based on the observed facts, you can give score in either in each column (to have more calibration) or cumulative at the end of the sheet for respective project & builder

How to decide buying my apartment

Key – The longer you go from your office, children school, the more burden on the earth. In future, energy conservation, Carbon foot print, pollution contribution, Go green will make a huge impact. Consider those factors for your future generation and Green Earth. If you go longer the distance, many investors will pump the money for their lateral benefits and you may not have proper attention for your welfare as a family

Factors to consider – Cost of Investment (including registration, stamp duty, GST), operational (including maintenance , monthly subscription to your apartment if any, travel distance of your office, children school/colleges, amenities)

Finalizing your plan on How to decide Buying your Home

Finalize few best project & builder which suits you, never compromise your builder selection as it will reflect bad. From the cost sheet, finalize & choose few projects based on your affordability. Make an excel sheet 3 as shown below, bring in all results from sheet 1 & 2 and decide based on facts.

How to decide buying my apartment

Your initial investment to be from your surplus money or from the savings you have. Try to avoid stretching for personal loan from friends, pledging your jewels (selling is better than pledging if required)..etc as it will be a burden you when the EMI starts

How to Decide buying Home- Part 1- Video

Hope this helps, please leave your clarifications & comments if any and I will try to give my best

Download excel sheet- Analysis on How to decide buying your home

Visit our next article – Phase 2 Execution, 

How to use RERA before buying your home

How to fix broken car handle and tips for replacing without entire handle assembly?

I have a Hyundai Grand i10 car, 2014 model in which front right side door handle some spare parts is broken inside due to frequent usage , right side of the handle with plastic part came out but left side of the handle was intact with wiring, so I could operate the remote. I could not able to open it from outside.

This is extreme danger case

1. As you cannot open the door from outside, you have to access other door to open the driver side door, push it over to some stretch which will endanger the other side of traffic and leads to serious accidents

2. You may have to keep the door open or windows down to access the inside lever of the door which is again threat for theft & inside cleanness

You have to fix it as early as possible and here are the tips to fix it temporarily or permanently

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Here are the route cause of the issue, tips for solution and precautionary measures

Route cause

The stopper in crab is broken as shown in image 2 and hence the plastic lever which opens the lock every time is slipping and coming out as shown in image 1. This may be due to

  1. Driver side will have more frequent operation than any other door
  2. Without opening the remote, trying to open it, children meddle with door handle like pull & play, repeated theft attempt
  3. Forcibly trying to pull with sudden force, jerk
  4. Parking in unsafe area to give chances to all of the above

You can replace the crab ( beside handle is called as crab) alone instead of replacing the entire handle assy as the replacement cost is high
Use boodmo, the spares expert to search the spare ( use catalogue) & order it, it may take max 10 days to reach you. Compare the spare availability in local market & boodmo along with shipping cost and take decision

As indicated below, till you receive the spare, instruct your mechanic to drill a rectangular piece of plastic or steel plate of 1mm thick x 15mm width x 25mm length and drill for dia of 10-12mm at one end to match inside part of the crab piece. Fix it as if a stopper as shown in image 3

1. Image -Broken handle Front RH side of car door

2. Broken part of the handle in Crab ( Rounded area is broken from the original, this is spare crab I bought)

Handle crab spare

3. Managed Front door RH side car handle with plastic piece till you receive the spare ( This was done by an expert technician)

On receipt of the spare, you get it replaced with an expert after chrome stickering as chrome crab is not manufactured as I understood


  1. Pull handle gently after smart key opening
  2. Park in safe area, do not park near children play area
  3. Don’t allow kids to meddle with Door handle 
  4. Don’t apply sudden/enormous force

How to use RERA website before buying flat House property, How to get maximum out of RERA website

Background of this article 

I am a Home buyer. I earned money in bits & peace's. I paid my initial amount after disposing my family jewelleries like most middle class and there after took Home loan. I bought a flat in an apartment at Chennai in 2012 and for various reasons, builder delayed the handing over and finally it was handed over by 2018 without completing many amenities. I googled many, went deep into the details and I would like to pass on my experience to common people who are suffering like me.


What is the use of RERA
Before Buying an apartment, it is very important to check the builder’s credibility through your network, their previous completed project’s quality, schedule efficiency (Handing over date with Committed date) which are crucial in Property buying. After paying our initial amount to the developer/builder, our signature in single sided agreement may be taken as granted by the developer for their business convenience, resulted in huge legal cases in all level of courts, created impact on judicial system and hence Government has made RERA for each state.

RERA is a comprehensive solution of your disputes with developer/builder and all cases will be completed in fast track & in minimum timeline, no unnecessary adjournments, no need to wait for 5 years or 10 years. As per judgements displayed in TNRERA website, average time line for a dispute resolution in RERA is 6-12 months and hence the Deceased Home buyer get speedy resolution from RERA

Before Buying a flat, what to check in RERA website

(Note- I took TNRERA as example and TNRERA is governing Tamilnadu & Andaman and almost all state’s RERA websites will be similar to this system and take the key input in this blog to get maximum out of RERA website)

Check your building project is registered & approved with RERA

Visit your state RERA website and click for registered website to look for the project name, you are interested to buy. Your builder would have given the registration details in marketing material in which they would have indicated approval number or year. Search for respective property in appropriate year.

Check the Project status at RERA site

Use Search option & excel file as highlighted in below image if you are confused, to narrow down the result to what you are looking for

2. Use search option in RERA website to narrow down the properties you are looking for

Even though they indicated approval number, check once again and ensure the approval number, project name, area is matching with RERA website. If you are going for ready to occupy building, ensure the status as “Completed”. Otherwise, you will see another column after approval details as “Project status as on Month”. Take current status of the apartment from RERA, visit to site to calibrate and validate

Note - Builders will get completion certificate well before 100% completion of the project and live-able condition; hence completion certificate doesn’t mean that everything is SET alright. Check Water, Power, STP, Multidepartment store, Gym..etc as it is essential amenities to live and in RERA website, builder may indicate the amenities are completed but actually it may be pending.

3 RERA approval details of my apartment, project details, current status

Public Caution Notice by RERA- You should not buy builder’s own property declared not for sale/ lease to RERA to avoid legal issues in future and also find any penalty issued to your builder/project to check his credibility

Public caution notice by RERA to avoid buying from builders

If your apartment project is Returned or With Held with RERA

If you don’t find approval or if you find contradictory information, collect further data whether it is appearing in other respective pages like Rejected, Withheld, Returned or public caution notice served from RERA and you can intimate to the builder that the details are not matching along with the back up to stop bullying

5. Check the Project is Registered or withheld or rejected with RERA

Whether RERA is the only gateway to approach default builder?

All builder buyer related cases should be dealt by RERA only. It is advised by the Government authorities as per the section 79 of RERA act that No civil court can handle the builder buyer related cases & disputes, in case if it is mid-way, a request may be submitted to proceeding court thru your lawyer to withdraw and file in front of RERA.  However, as per supreme court, concurrent remedies available as per consumer protection act 2019 provides as additional coverage thru National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCRDRC) over & above RERA

What is the time frame to sue your builder as per RERA? Whether the complaint against builder is before RERA or after RERA?

Any deficiency with respect to quality of construction, service, amenities indicated in the agreement can be sued upto 5 years as per section 14(3) of RERA act.

Also whether they registered under RERA or not, whether the period is before RERA or after RERA act, they are liable for adherence of law & punishable under this act.

Read a detailed judgement in TNRERA website- Judgements of appellate Tribunal, Appeal no 77, sl no 44

How to check whether you have solutions for your builder & buyer problem in RERA judgements?

There is no way other than to read each case summary & judgement in respective states RERA website and if you find some reference other states RERA judgments, that can be quoted anywhere in India as reference

Example - Common issues in Builder & Buyer agreement is Amenities. While entering a contract, builder will promise Lucrative Amenities in marketing broacher and later while handing over, many promised amenities will be missing for builder's cost cutting due to his delay or whatsoever may the reason.  RERA strongly insists to fulfil all Broacher promised amenities as builder has promised a dream to his buyer while making an agreement

Read detail Judgment in TNRERA website, sl no 45, Appeal no 44, The plea of the promoter that “Brochure mentioned amenities are not Guarantee” is not sustainable.

In case, if you need to verify your structural certificate, building stability, civil related issues, search your state's registered & certified professionals. Tamilnadu Government has provided such professionals details online through CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) with their registration details along with contact details to enable the consumers delight & empowerment. It may be same for other state. 

Based on your conclusion, find a lawyer, probably well known in & around RERA office and process for filing a case. You can catch lawyers name from the judgments while reading it , the more you come across a lawyer name, the more he will have exposure about RERA.

If you decided to sue your builder, you are the sole responsible citizen with morale & have moral responsibility to bring the default builder into lime light and get compensation & justice. Reduce your expectations to join with anyone as you may have to persuade them. However, if you have joint decision with like minded buyers, it is always better to go in unity or thru association( Refer your bylaw for filing a case) as your builder will target you individually. 

Remember that, more the builder targets you, the more he is exposed to his foul claims & failures, hence never mind but keep accumulating builder's every false claim, threats if he gives you like stopping water, not attending your maintenance issues, claim compensation for defaming his brand value..etc. and collect video, photo evidences. Your lawyer will give you expert advice to use them in your case if file.

How to file case in RERA- There are plenty of article available, here is the link for an article at 99acres.com

Hope this article helps you, in case of any requirements, please comment and I will try to give best references & experiences I came across