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What is Government School?
Government schools are being run by State Governments of India to give primary, elementary & secondary education to the children from 4 years old(kinder garden) to 16 year old (12th standard).

Government schools provides education, physical classes, coaching, social training, social services, nutritional food during school hours, uniform, Laptop, Bicycles, free transport through government undertaken public transports and much more AT FREE OF COST to promote suburban area children to provide social balance in future

Why did I name my blog as Government school student?
I was 39 YO when I made this article and born and brought up to my 14 YO in typical rural area of India, Tamilnadu where the population of our village was around 3500 during 1981.

My schooling started 
at the age of 6 in a Government Elementary School which runs by State Government of Tamilnadu in India . Children from all the villages around the School used to come either on their own or with their village's fellow students.

This is my first schooling till I was 10 YO and still I could able to rewind my mind & see my first teacher's  instructions while delivering the Multiplication tables. It does help me till today and my mind is calculating in my regional language in the typical way even I crossed higher studies in English as a medium of language and perhaps, living in a Metro city with different people/culture where I am influenced mostly by English or other languages.

Government school student

I had not seen any differences in all of my school friends who were from different castes, cultures, food habits, economy. We shared the love, friendships, nativity and ofcourse stories  which are memorable moments. We used to work together in School social activities like cleanness, plantations, helping the people as taught by our Respectable beloved Teachers.

My 6th standard started at Government High School, situated 3 Kilometers far from the Elementary school and we used to go by walk where in, I joined with more friends with various spectrum. High morale, discipline, love towards the world, social responsibility  and life oriented education was my learning from the school which influences me till today. 

Though I crossed several platforms of society, economy, cultures, regions, habits..etc after schooling, the Government school influences me still and I love to study once again in the Government school with my Friends, Family and Teachers. Government schools can give good education like any other schools as told by Former President Mr.Abdul Kalam who is also a Government School student.


Why did I start this Blog - I come across various experiences & encountered deficiencies in solution while searching online & offline and would like to share my experiences with others which will be helpful for others and empower them

Also, I strongly believe that success is duplication and sharing your experiences will definitely help someone to move forward to succeed, even if it is one out of million

Thanks for reading, Have a great day

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