How to fix broken car handle and tips for fixing without replacing entire handle assembly?

I have a Hyundai Grand i10 car, 2014 model in which front right side door handle some spare parts is broken inside due to frequent usage , right side of the handle with plastic part came out but left side of the handle was intact with wiring, so I could operate the remote. I could not able to open it from outside.

This is extreme danger case

1. As you cannot open the door from outside, you have to access other door to open the driver side door, push it over to some stretch which will endanger the other side of traffic and leads to serious accidents

2. You may have to keep the door open or windows down to access the inside lever of the door which is again threat for theft & inside cleanness

You have to fix it as early as possible and here are the tips to fix it temporarily or permanently

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Here are the route cause of the issue, tips for solution and precautionary measures

Route cause

The stopper in crab is broken as shown in image 2 and hence the plastic lever which opens the lock every time is slipping and coming out as shown in image 1. This may be due to

  1. Driver side will have more frequent operation than any other door
  2. Without opening the remote, trying to open it, children meddle with door handle like pull & play, repeated theft attempt
  3. Forcibly trying to pull with sudden force, jerk
  4. Parking in unsafe area to give chances to all of the above

You can replace the crab ( beside handle is called as crab) alone instead of replacing the entire handle assy as the replacement cost is high
Use boodmo, the spares expert to search the spare ( use catalogue) & order it, it may take max 10 days to reach you. Compare the spare availability in local market & boodmo along with shipping cost and take decision

As indicated below, till you receive the spare, instruct your mechanic to drill a rectangular piece of plastic or steel plate of 1mm thick x 15mm width x 25mm length and drill for dia of 10-12mm at one end to match inside part of the crab piece. Fix it as if a stopper as shown in image 3

1. Image -Broken handle Front RH side of car door

2. Broken part of the handle in Crab ( Rounded area is broken from the original, this is spare crab I bought)

Handle crab spare

3. Managed Front door RH side car handle with plastic piece till you receive the spare ( This was done by an expert technician)

On receipt of the spare, you get it replaced with an expert after chrome stickering as chrome crab is not manufactured as I understood


  1. Pull handle gently after smart key opening
  2. Park in safe area, do not park near children play area
  3. Don’t allow kids to meddle with Door handle 
  4. Don’t apply sudden/enormous force

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