About Me

skarthikesan, government school student
I am an ordinary middle class Indian family  and Government School student and became Master in Manufacturing Management at BITS, Pilani later

Born & brought up in South Indian rural village near Tanjore, I admired the machines, engines, mechanisms and brainstormed several ideas during early life and spoiled many electrical, mechanical apparatus in home , due to which, I used to hide & miss from home for long hours for possible & horrible punishments.

After completion of my schooling in Government School during 1991, my father remembered all house hold items scrapped and took me the Polytechnic college for Technical education in order to save the balance. Completed Diploma in 1994 and migrated to Chennai and life was not that easy to survive without guidance.

Learnt a lot from the society, friends and grew along with them, acquired Master degree and positioned myself as responsible Son, Brother, Father & Husband and thankful to all nurtured me all the way.

I love surfing and spend time in Internet apart from my family & business life. My surfing started in early 1990's for ......graphy like all typical teenager and my perceptions changed at each pace of my age and now, I am greatly interested in Sustainability solutions, Organic farming, Social work, Co-operative efforts for inclusive growth 

Now I am 45 and I am blogging along with my wife for passion 

You can reach me thru Mail - skarthikesan@gmail.com

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