What is ping my url & How to Ping my url of website-Blog

What is Ping my url?
ping my websiteAs I am not a computer savy, I wanted to know about the Ping and found lot of explanations. But I would like to present this article to all Home based Business people, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketer and I wanted to present it in a simple & common way to interpret/understand better.
Simply, Ping is a pushing/highlighting mechanism from the blog/website to notify the search engine that  your blog/website is updated or published. This pinging can happen automatically by your website provider which we may call as crawling or manually by you which we may call as pinging.

Automatic ping (crawling) may take some time with your domain service provider's or their associated search engines. For example, if you are Google blogger, your posts will be visible by all Google search engines and if you are WordPress blogger, your posts will be visible in Bing search engines. Unpartnered search engines may not find your posts 
unless otherwise you list your blog or website with them and it may not reach your audience.

Here it comes Pinging manually?
Internet is having plenty of resources to submit your blog/ search engines but being a less computer/internet literate, I found it very harder to submit my blog to search engines and managing reciprocal links.

I found recently in My affiliate Business Forum that there is a option to establish our website & Blog post's url(link) to Ping websites to create some traffic to your posts. This helped me a lot and I started doing it at regular intervals now. I would like to name some of the ping masters as pinglerpingomatic, ping my link, pingbomb
Key point to Remember- Too much manual pinging will send signals to search engines and their algorithm will penalize you and create a bad impact for the whole website/blog

Till your website/blog gets regular clicks, use manual pinging 3 days once. Would suggest to focus more on social media sharing of your links so that traffic will be organic and will improve your site ranking on long range

In order to make your post visible in most of the search engines, you have to submit your blog/website details to Top search engines. These search engines will crawl your url in specific interval & update and provide you statistics. I found the this article was useful to submit my websites to all key search engines - How to submit my website to Top Search Engines

Conclusion- Ping my url is very helpful in the start up to build audience and traffic and in long run, you have to leave it Auto pinging of search engines which is crawling

You can also analyze your website loading time here to avoid your visitors being annoyed.

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