Home Based Business- A Win Win Situation

When I came across my Linkedin Group, I find a wonderful article about Home based Business by Mr. Andrew Diamond and I wished to bring to my blog follower's experience

Abundance Mentality in your life and home based internet business
In your home based internet business 
1.Do you believe there is enough business in the market for everybody?
2.Do you believe you are fighting against every other home based internet business for a bigger share of a limited penny?

Ask yourself the same question about other aspects of your life. 
1.Are you competing with others for something that is scarce, like wealth, love or happiness?
2. Is there enough of these things in the world for everybody?

How you view the goals and resources in the world says a lot about your mindset. And it affects how successful you will be in this knowledge based era we are in. The old way of thinking, the thinking that comes from the industrial age era, is that of scarcity. We are competing for a limited amount of resources. There is only so much business available in our world so we must compete with each other in our lives and home based internet business.

It involves win-lose thinking. Someone has to win and someone has to lose in conflicts and disagreements. We are constantly competing with each other because resources are limited, and success is limited. It is very difficult to empower others with this scarcity mindset. How can you promote and nurture the success of others when it means there is less available for you? You can’t, unless you change your fundamental mindset.

Our world has changed over time. We are in the knowledge based era. We have to look at our world and the opportunities it presents to us differently. We must adopt a new mindset; a mindset of abundance. We must recognize and internalize that there enough for everyone. This abundance mindset means there is enough business for all of us, there are unlimited opportunities.

There is win-win possible in life and your home based internet business

We don’t have to give up our own success to promote the success of others. There is enough for us all to have success. In conflicts, if I win then someone else doesn’t have to lose. There is an alternative. We can both win. It is win-win thinking. There is an abundance of opportunity in our world. And instead of competing with others, we can empower others.

We can promote the success of others without the fear of taking away from our own success. There is an abundance of success available. There is enough success for all of us. And when you come to adopt this abundance mentality, you open up the possibility of promoting others and empowering others. You can mentor someone in your business, and empower them without fear that it will diminish your own value. There is enough opportunity for all of us.

This is of so much value to those of us running a home based internet business. Particularly a home based internet business in network marketing where building a team is so important to your own success. You don’t have to feel threatened in life by others that you are competing for a bigger share of a limited pie. There is an abundance of pie, enough pie for everyone to fill themselves, and more. We are not running out of pie. Do you get it?

Accept the abundance mentality in your life and home based internet business

The world is growing and changing. It requires a new way of thinking, a new paradigm. In this knowledge based age we require an abundance mentality. With it we can be leaders that empower others. We can all enjoys the fruits of life, health, wealth and happiness. We can each have success in our home based internet business and our lives.

As read in  AB Diamond

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  1. Good article. I actually wrote an article on the win-win approach that compliments this one nicely (I think I even used some of the same images. Weird).


    I hope this adds meaningfully to the discussion.