What is Conveyed extent in EC & And how to apply an Encumbrance Certificate with QR code for an apartment ?

You will get all kind of youtube guides to apply Encumbrance Certificate online in Tamilnadu. However I encountered the below issues while trying to download the online EC for my apartment top up loan and would like to give you some tips

First and foremost, if you are applying for any kind of loans, the respective banker may say just EC. Later they will say "sir , we need EC with QR code to authenticate" !!!!!

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Here is the step by step tips.
 First check whether your EC for respective property is appearing in FREE viewing under E-services. Take the help of youtube videos to choose your best options.

How to view EC free

I preferred  below option as I know the registered office, document number with year of registration of my sale deed.

Free search EC

Once you confirm with details, if your requirement is for less period , you can download immediately otherwise (if the file size is more), it will request for your email to send. Verify the details whether it is correct for your property.

Now you should register for the account. After registration, login with your credentials and you will see Search and Apply EC

conveyed extent in EC

In this option, you have to select the period for which your bank insisted, village, survey no, subdivision no ( If it is 123/2B, 123 is survey no and 2B is subdivision no). You don't need to input all data but mandatory data with asterisk(*) mark.

What is conveyed extent?
The below picture demands for Conveyed extent which I was searching the internet and I didnt get any clue , finally I called toll free no, some of the agent in registration office and clarified that is our Undivided share (UDS). Conveyed extent and Undivided share are same and to be indicated for apartment type

If it is plot, then entire land is Total extent and the land you buy from that promoter is conveyed extent

Encumbrance conveyed extent

Indicate your registered document number  at the end of the page (It is not mandatory) to get your Encumbrance certificate for your registered property alone. Otherwise, it may generate huge number of pages if you bought a flat from multistory apartment.

Pay for the charges and give your email and EC with QR code will reach you thru mail

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