How do I spread awareness about corona virus in Apartment Community, Association, Flats, residential colony? A standby Bylaw for Apartments association

I am living in an apartment in Chennai outskirt. The followings are the key instructions given by the People for People (Residents requested Association of the
apartment to implement)


Corona- phase 3 will start which is communal spreading.

Communal spreading can be eliminated with self-hygiene & enforcing precautionary measures in community as per WHO, our Honourable Prime Minister. If we are well community is well and vice versa

Hence request you to take urgent precautionary measures at our apartment & help for safe community as below

1. Buy an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of labours, visitors, residents

2. Buy sufficient stocks of bleach, disinfectant liquid & spraying tool (for quick application in less time & reduce fatigue of housekeeping persons)

3. Don’t allow any labour who has cold, cough. Better to postpone construction activity to avoid communal spreading as it is force majeure

4. Please issue sanitizer mask, hand gloves(washable) to all securities, housekeeping maids, lakeside staffs, technicians as they are highly vulnerable of communal spreading and frequently they have to disinfect those items

5. Please instruct housekeeping team to disinfect handrails of steps, lifts, door handles, knobs, buttons in every 4 hours & Floor cleaning daily. Depute 1 sincere & dedicated maid at each block

6. Please keep all assess door open to all blocks which enables all residents & visitors to avoid touching & communal spreading

7. Please close the Gym, Swimming pool, Theatre, Community hall & all communal gathering places till further notice as we may not be able to monitor & restrict.

8. Please issue sanitizer, soap & water facility at gate to security to keep up their personal hygiene when they keep in touch with couriers, documents, parcels…etc

9. Soap & water facility or any kind of disinfectant at gate to increase resident’s & visitor’s personal hygiene at entry level

10. Instruct security to not to allow any unknown visitors, if unavoidable instruct them to park the vehicle outside, apply sanitizer, go by walk & meet. Guests must be pre-approved otherwise may be stopped at gate

11.Instruct housekeeping to clean children play area games tools by morning & evening to avoid infection & communal spreading

12.Instruct all employed in permanent & temporary, visitors to not to chew & spit anywhere in society and violation may be disqualification of contract/expel as it is serious fact of communal spreading. This is to be monitored by respective supervisors, contract owners, securities, residents

13.Instruct to disinfect the chair available in D block every 4 hours and keep it sunlight

14.Please make print out of below communication for our lakeside residents and display in both stair cases, security, other notice boards & wherever people gathers

And the followings are the awareness message to the residents of the apartment to not to create panic but awareness and hence we may start with few common & positive points

Attention Residents of our apartment
As you know, Novel Corona virus - Covid-19 has landed in India from other countries and it is about to take next phase which is communal spreading. This is spreading across the virus all over the society without realising or knowing that he/she has been infected. It can go wild to the society like Italy where death toll is around 3405 & increasing (as on 20th March) comparatively less in population while comparing with China where death toll is around 3248  & declining.

We can eliminate drastically by following strict personal hygiene & discipline rather anything else

Statistics shows that elders of age group 50+ need more attention. Others are safer but let us not take a chance to risk ours health to an unknown exposure. It is expected to spread 70% of the World population but we can restrict in India, Tamilnadu and our community with our own effort.

We have loved ones in each of our family or in this community and we have to take bare minimum responsibility towards our society, work environment to keep our community safe, hence we must adhere it desperately. No outsiders or no enforcements can bring 100% solution , only we must do it.

Though our apartment is thin populated, we are largely exposed to communal spreading as everyone of the household/visitors/delivery agents/housekeeping maids is commuting to various parts of country/state/city/village. We can eliminate 100% by adherence of goodwill rules & whole hearted cooperation with positive thinking & mindset

Here are the points to not to panic but create awareness

 Indian food are cooked well and no risk. Take all kind of vegetables, have sufficient stock which can be stored for a while as we do not know what restriction will be enforced by government

·        All whatsapp medicines are not proven. Hence intake at your own risk one by one in different days with sufficient break to increase the body immunity naturally
·        Have personnel hygiene at NO 1 in place. Wear full covered dresses. Keep your shoes, slippers outside flat. Your dresses, body may have viruses and never sit, touch anything. Go to wash room, store dress in bathrooms in a bag till you wash and wash your face, hands, legs thoroughly.

·        Have 1 metre(3-4 foot) of safe distance while interaction, keep your guest, family members safe by protecting yourself with handkerchief, tissue, elbow while coughing, sneezing

·        If you are not frequent traveller, your risk is 50% reduced. If you are traveller, ensure you don’t have symptoms of cough, cold, fever of any kind and follow personnel hygiene

Apartment specific
1.  Restrain yourself if you are infected with any type of cold, cough or fever. Report your neighbours & whatsapp group if you find any to create awareness
2.  Avoid touching hand rails while climbing. If you have to use lifts, have personnel sanitizer and use it before & after touching door handles, knobs and buttons.
3. Strictly avoid door delivery of courier, food as they are highly possible transmitting and we may not be able to ensure their adherence of personnel hygiene in our own community. If unavoidable condition, instruct the delivery agent to deliver at gate and you may collect it after spraying disinfectant
4.  Avoid going to gym & conducting events at your home, community hall as we may not take risk and we can lock all common place till further notice
5.  Avoid allowing children to play area. You may allow in the evening after 5PM upto 6PM with strict parental guidance & assistance with calculative risks
6. Apply disinfectant in your flat floor and household items at regular interval
7. Avoid touching vehicles/objects inside community, if you touched it while boarding, wash your hands before touching your face.
8. Avoid exchange/sharing of physical items (especially mobile phones which is highly transmitting) during this tough time though we know each other.
9. Have sufficient stock of disinfectant, bleaching, soap in your home as it is life saving
10. Avoid spitting anywhere in community and if you find any, report to security
11. Call our office number for any kind of help
12. Don't believe any rumours, add the whatsapp no 9013151515 as My Government for Covid-19 & take advice, information
Our Apartment Families &  Management

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