How to make SOP for security of apartment & housing society?

Well, I made plenty of searches to establish new SOP for our apartment as I was given a task to do so being an Executive Committee Member

After hours of search, I could able to locate a open google drive access which was shared generously for good intention. It is basically from Mumbai and bit old and in very details based on the police dept advice. Here is the link which I shortened using bitly (no harm) -

It gives me the basic kick start with skeleton and we did a brainstorm for 30 minutes to get key issues & requirement and modified as below in English & Tamil ( Elaborated than English with Dos & Don'ts for Security office), You can include / replace your apartment name 

If you want to get in your regional language, check google. I used a website called Tamil India Typing. Here you can type the Tamil word in English like Sekyurity for செக்யூரிட்டி , Vidhimuraipadiyana for விதிமுறைப்படியான. You can find such translating website for your regional language at your ease.

YOUR Apartment LOGO, Address 


This rule applies to all who enters in the Apartment campus


1.    Install respective gate & security management app, recommended by Association office, security may not be responsible for allowing/refusing your guests/visitors entry/approval.

2.    Do not argue with security staffs when they do their job as per SOP/policy/Directions given to them time to time by association, as, all such measures are driven to ensure residents’ & their family’s safety

3.    Do not create hindrance for free movement of people and vehicles in gate & any common area

4.    Avoid using Bright Head lights & blowing horn while moving inside to avoid uncomforting to pedestrians and others in the community. Inside vehicle speed is 10KM for safety of children, pedestrians as there are several narrow & dark traffic areas

5.    After morning light comes, switch off corridor light when you see it first and report maintenance team thru ledger

6.    Inform association office in case if you are going out for long time for precaution

7.    Use lift as per instruction and avoid banging of door, if you see any repeated mishandling in lift or any association properties, you are encouraged to register a complaint in Communication register. Feedback also welcome

8.    Residents, Tenants, Owners are responsible for upkeeping the rule indicated here, By law and cooperate Dos/Donts of security SOP by self and their contractors, visitors, guest, servants..etc

9.    Consumption of Alcohol, any drugs, smoking, chewing & spitting tobacco/gutka, creating nuisance in society, playing in common area,  doing antisocial things, behaving in way which may be objected are to be strictly avoided in campus



10.  Guests visiting shall be informed & registered through respective app to enable security for permission/verification, prior to the expected visit by flat owner. In case the owner didn’t have app, he has to visit either office to physically register

11.  Tenant’s Guests visiting shall be registered with the Security Office at Gate with In & Out time


12.  Unaccompanied visitors are required to register at the Security Office at the time of entry & exit into the premises of VLOWA. 

13.  Unaccompanied visitors shall only be allowed access to the Flat after security has obtained permission from the occupant of the Flat via the intercom. 

14.  In case the intercom is not working, the visitor is required to remain in the Security Office area while security checks with the occupant with other options to the Flat owner to obtain permission.

15.  Visitors are subject to abide Rules indicated by security and respect common civil law in society. Flat owners, residents and/or tenants will be responsible for the conduct of their visitors while in the condominium premises. 

16.  Only real estate agents or staff with written endorsement from a Flat owner will be recognized by the Association Office Bearer and granted access into the premises. 

17.  Authorized real estate agents or staff should closely coordinate their activities with the Association Office Bearer. They shall give the Association Office Bearer prior notice of any scheduled inspection of flat by prospective buyers or tenants. 


Contractors, Domestic Helpers, Drivers, Real Estate Agents and Staff

18.  Contractors, domestic helpers, drivers, real estate agents and staff shall be registered with the Security Office & approved by Association Office. 

19.  Domestic helpers, Registered contractors, drivers, real estate agents and staff shall sign the logbook at the Security Office at the time of each visit.

20.  After permission has been obtained from the occupant of the Flat, contractors shall first report to the Association Office before proceeding to the Flat or commencing any work on site.

21.  For emergencies (after office hours, Sundays and public holidays), contractors shall only proceed to the Flat after permission has been obtained from the occupant of the Flat.


22.  All deliveries to residents must be through the knowledge of Security. The security or Association Office shall not be responsible for any package or parcel delivered at gate 

23.  No delivery person shall be allowed inside the VLOWA building without clearance from the occupant of the Flat.

24.  Small hand-carried packages shall be left at gate during Pandemic situation to avoid contacts/spreads. However, cannot take responsibility of delivery/security as it is flat owners responsibility to come & collect immediately 

25.  Deliveries of goods (except food, grocery, post/courier) are permitted only after registering in Inward entry. Deliveries to flat shall be properly coordinated with agent by the flat owner. 

26.  Delivery vans shall park at the designated area to unload deliveries. 

27.  Circulars, billings and other correspondence are to be deposited in the residents’ respective mailboxes if available, otherwise at door. 

28.  Vacating or new accommodation to this society to be strictly followed as mentioned in the by law


29.  Only vehicles registered with the Association Office Bearer and displaying a valid VLOWA    sticker shall be allowed entry into VLOWA premises. Till stickers made available, allow only regular vehicles 

30.  Vehicles without VLOWA stickers are required to be registered at security and shall display the Visitor’s pass on the dashboard of the vehicle when parked in the designated parking lot. 

31.  Vehicles shall only be parked in authorized, designated and marked parking lots. 

32.  Vehicles parked in unmarked areas or unauthorized parking lots, if not regularized after informing, may be clamped             and the owner of the vehicle imposed a fine. 

33.  Drivers of vehicles shall observe traffic rules and regulations when inside the VLOWA premises. The speed limit is 10 KMPH and directional signs posted/security advise  must be followed.

34.  Vehicles with drivers shall be allowed to wait in the VLOWA Gate temporarily but not exceeding 5 minutes without affecting traffic of either side. 

35.  Only one vehicle per slot is allowed. Double parking is not allowed. 

36.  Trucks and Lorries weighing more than 3.5 tons are not allowed into the VLOWA premises. Anything more than that will be allowed with prior permission from association office thru Incoming ledger 

37.  Repair works, maintenance and tune up of vehicles within the VLOWA premises are not allowed without permission & information to security. 

38.  Drivers of vehicles parked in VLOWA are prohibited from gambling, drinking liquor, loitering or indulging in unsocial behaviour and sleeping inside parked vehicles.


Resident/Tenant Information Sheet

39.  Flat owners, residents and tenants will be required to submit to the Association Office Bearer an information sheet regarding their contact details, principal residents, employees, registered vehicles and authorized signatories for permit purposes. 

40.  The Resident Information Sheet should be updated by the Flat owner, resident and/or     tenant from time to time.

41.  Owners should submit the Tenant verification form as prescribed to association office for police verification and a copy will be submitted to gate for scrutiny

Key responsibilities of Securities

42.  Wear clean, neat uniform, shoes, whistle, cap and be presentable in gate. Wear mask during pandemic

43.  Display all contact numbers inside the security cabin of emergency, Ambulance, EB office, Police and association office bearers to lodge complaint in case of urgency & emergency

44.  Enforce all residing and non-residing owners while coming to visit their flat to register in Security app and enforce security checks, common area discipline/law indicated in Dos/Donts for securities in regional language

45.  Main gate to be closed all the time and to be opened only when the vehicle comes

46.  Ensure all movements are registered in respective register and submit to association office for review, everyday at convenient time fixed by Welfare association office.

47.  During pandemic situation like covid-19, restrict people without mask to roam inside community and don’t allow anyone inside. In such a way, follow all government guideline with respect to any such disease’s protocol announced

48.  All security related issues, problems to be recorded in the communication register. Other staff residents should also record such issues in communication register

49.  Material, visitors/guests In & out should be entered in respective register

50.  Spitting is restricted, punishable offense if repeatedly violated your warning message. Tresspassing /Jumping over the compound wall is an offence, indicate such incident with reference

51.  Register power cut and power resume time. Switch on, switch off the common lights in time

52.  Inform if you find any suspicious people activities anywhere inside and outside the apartment campus

53.  Stop all hand deliveries in gate during pandemic to avoid spread and instruct owners to come & collect. Deliveries thru van can be permitted after registration with guideline, parking space..etc

54.  Patrol the premises on cyclic basis, register in communication register in case of issue and communicate to any of the EC member

55.  If you come across in noticing the misuse of lift and other association properties, warn them and register a complaint if they violate it repeatedly

56.  Don’t allow anyone to disturb, play, make noise, public nuisance, smoke, consuming liquor in common area

57.  Avoid watching videos, mobile phones, listening to music thru head phones as it will spoil the fundamental of security job

58.  Avoid involving in unnecessary talking with people, roaming around, bribe, antisocial activities, real estate business of this apartment properties like renting,

59.  Security shall immediately inform any of the EC Member in case of emergency



60.  Please read as Builder in place of Welfare association wherever indicated above, till the apartment is handed over to association

61.  When there is no procedure from Builder for anything, this procedure applies as guideline document

62.  In case of any confusion, practical complications in this SOP or if the SOP is not implemented for any reason, association has the rights to involve & implement in all area for the safety and security of the residents

63.  Violation of this procedure is punishable by association as per by law or as per Indian penal code or combination of both


President                                                Secretary

Add Guest register form & Contractors/Vendors/Suppliers Register form along with this procedure at your convenience as it is to be apartment specific

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