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I am Mechanical Engineer from in Project stream working at a Private company in India, studied in Government school and I was always looking for an opportunity for my second income. During early 2000, I quit my job and entered into my own professional business category where I could face lot of competition, economy crunch in market and unfortunately I failed due to bad influence by economy/power crisis.

Started my career again as an employee in 2006 and I had to take lot of pain to establish my level from Zero with the present employer. Now I am quite successful in my profession but my thirst towards the second income persists. This time I decided to be very careful by keeping away all kind of external threats to my business while sticking with my regular job.

I started searching myself for the part time business in the internet and my search continued for almost one year and none of them was suitable. Either they demand for registration fee or they insist for data entry of which, payment doesn't even compensate my hours.

On my vigorous search, I found SFI where in I joined as an Affiliate. Though I am doing referral marketing in Flipkart, the compensation & benefits in Affiliate marketing is quit convincing. The difference between referral marketing & affiliate marketing is impressive as the percentage of commission will be more in affiliating.

Now I am doing this business for the past 4 months and contributing 1 to 2 hours daily, 5 days a week and contributing 2 hours weekly to my personal blog. Though I am not an expert/Savy in Internet business/computer, I am improvising my knowledge in this business and I could see the difference in my experience & my income. I strongly believe this residual & Leveraged income will bring a comfort level in future and I would like to bring this to your notice too for mutual benefit in this Promising Business.

"This is not a quick rich program and is not a job opportunity".

What is the back ground ? & Who will help YOU in this business?

This is an affiliate program for USA based Online store/shopping website like Amazon,Flipcart & ebay. This website growing rapidly all over the world in 190 countries and I am doing a Team leader role here. This website is in business since 1985 and reliable.
No Investment is required but you have to invest your time & knowledge.
Training tutorials, internet courses for affiliate marketing, advertisement tips worth of $295 @ FREE of cost
Advertisement banner, Text ads, links, Flyers are provided in your home page itself @ FREE of cost.
I will be your personal sponsor through out your business to guide/support you. 

What YOU have to do?
  • Log in everyday and read all your tutorials and complete the training in first month
  • Link your SFI account with Facebook & Twitter
  • Post free advertisements in FREE websites all over the world about 24,000 products
  • Bring Retail/Wholesale sellers, Manufacturers to this website to sell their product and YOU earn commission thru their sales for lifetime
  • Earn Daily points and elevate yourself to Executive, then Team Leader to earn more benefits
  • Post free advertisements in FREE websites all over the world about sponsoring affiliates to strengthen your down line as a TEAM
  • Support your fellow affiliates and motivate them what you do(duplication) to build strong business through which you will earn commission 
What is the potential? How much YOU can earn?
  • For TC member sales you refer- You will get up to 45% to 72% of the sales
  • If you sponsor affiliates, you will get 45% commission on his purchase if any and if you are a Team leader, you will earn matching points whatever he earns and these points also will be calculated as your income(Please note this website/ your sponsors will not insist for any purchase)
  • If you refer any seller to list his product in this website, you will get 10% of commission through out your lifetime whenever your ECA make sales here
  • And even more ways to earn here and Hence there is no Limit & you can earn earn as much as you can with respect to your involvement.
  • Extras Benefits & Luck draw Participation
You will have a FREE membership for the E-commerce website where you can participate in Live Auctions , Play Games & Win- Check out here the items for Auction .
With the same Membership, you can list your own items FOR SALE which you want to dispose it off.(Garage Sale)
THIS IS NOT A QUICK RICH OR EARN MONEY IN OVER NIGHT PROGRAM. It is residual & leveraged income which is going to give you money for the lifetime on your consistent effort, dedication, everyday activity.

Join Today & Get 5$* FREE
*Worth of gift will be credited in your Affiliate account


  1. Affiliate marketing is basically online marketing, whereby you own the site, to encourage trade or Items and or services and get paid for every sale, visit, or subscription sent to merchant. affiliate

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