Will the Knowledge brings you Wisdom through Literacy? How?

A literate is not only a person who knows to read and write a language but a person with a sound general knowledge and a good presence of mind.  Knowledge is stored information in our mind whereas ‘presence of mind’ is an action to drive a spot but the fittest decision during critical scenarios.  This conveys that ‘presence of mind’ is the one which converts our static knowledge to dynamic.  I think it’s time to revise the definition of general knowledge according to the emerging civilization.

    Let’s come to the derivation of new definition for literacy.  A literate should have high level overview (not necessarily deeper view) about all that directly or indirectly related to his day to day activities.  Let’s take a quick test to know where we stand in the literacy scale.

⦁    Do you know why we get hick ups, snore and belch? -- Anatomy
⦁    What will be the issue if your fan starts giving a “rrr..” sound? – Electrical
⦁    Do you know, what is the use of an android application “Camscanner”? – Science
⦁    Do you know the ill effects of methane projects? -- Politics & Civics
⦁    Do you know the mystery of Bermuda triangle? – Geography
⦁    Do you know what kind of basement they used to build your home? – Civil
⦁    Assume a toy seller buys each toy for 100$ and sells them with a 20% profit.  A man buys 5 toys from you and gives a 1000 $ currency.  You gave him the change. But then you found that it was a fake currency.  So how much will be your loss?
Ans: 900      -- Aptitude
⦁    You have 5 rings.  If you want to make a chain out of it how much cuts and welds you need to make?
Ans: cuts-2 and welds-2    -- Presence of mind

If you feel “What are these silly questions?” then there are maximum probabilities that you are literate.  However your score x/8 doesn’t scale your literacy exactly because it is just a sample and random questionnaire.  The motto of this test is just to demonstrate the various lines to ‘cover the GK’.  I think ‘trying to cover the GK’ will be the right phrase, as we know wisdom is a seamless ocean.   

     I think most of us had come across a GK book during our schooling that contains information about famous personalities; names of flags, president, prime minister, national song, bird, flower of all countries; years and dates of events occurred in the past etc... If I fill my mind database with all these info, do you agree me as a wise person? The knowledge or syllabus or technologies that we learn from school/colleges, ‘if not going to help us anyway’ in our daily life/career is equivalent to junk.  Even if we are the top scorer, we can no way boast if we just have a brain full of junks instead of knowledge. Do you think the score/rank is an exact unit to measure the talent, literacy or knowledge of a student? I think it may be a correct one to measure his memory capacity, communication and even creativity that led him to answer unknown questions too - but not to measure the above.

A sad fact is that, nowadays not only the students but even the parents, educational institutions and educational system are just concentrating on scores and not even bothers whether they are really being educated.  Educating is nothing but giving a wider general knowledge, complete discipline of humanity and deeper technical knowledge in the domain they wish to proceed with.  

    So despite we are educated or not let’s all be a literate since we deserve it with a qualification of sixth sense, also let us be disciplined that differentiates us from non-humans.  And if you want education, then make sure that you are really being educated.  Don’t read the concepts but do understand them and don’t stop there, try to implement them - who knows, it may end up with inventions and discoveries.  I am bidding you with hope that we will start enriching our minds to become a real literate    

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