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Kick off my Home Based Job

I am 39YO and basically I am a Mechanical Engineer working in Power Plant manufacturing Industry now. I was never looking for Online Home Based Business, Work from Home as I thought that will work for people with Hardcore experience on Information Technology

However, I was searching such Home based & Part time Job opportunities on my core job area since Year 2000  in offline advertisements but I did not find any or I was not comfortable. During Year 2012, I had been hospitalized for ACL Surgery (Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction in Knee) and I was financially sick

Basic of work from homeFinally, when I did not get help from my company during my hospitalization, I realized that I must have second income for back up. Though I have sufficient income right now, I wanted to be financially free & comfortable after my retirement. 

Second Income - Look at the 101 ways available and I checked each of the method and finally decided to start with Affiliate Marketing

Preferable age to Start Home Based Business
Best financial planning is that you should prepare yourselves for Bad Times when you have Good Times.  Second Income is a back up during bad times or we can say its a blessing in crisis. Second Income should be planned during Good Times. Though it is not easy to generate second income source but it is not difficult also.

I prefer that it must be during 35 - 45 YO age group in which you may be comfortable in learning, dedication & consistency, investing your time, little amount of affordable money & good health.

Prefer your Business

The Affiliate marketing business is wide in nature and almost every online sellers/websites are offering such option. Most of the websites may offer single specialized product. It may not help and We must prefer a business with more options to earn with a single domain/sign up.

Example- Selecting an online business which allows/offers FREE signup, FREE webtools, FREE training, FREE support..etc with NO obligation for buying anything. Also it must have various options for earning, not only marketing the product but other options

It may be hard to find such things but I found one and you  can too. Hope I opened up the basics. Keep in touch

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