What is ipv4 to create subdomain & How to create a subdomain in Google Domain?

I am not Tech savy and basically I am a mechanical engineer and blogging & youtubing for passion. I bought a domain in google domain and I wanted to create a subdomain to use it for various gateways. The first foremost requirement to create a domain name is IPV4 address as I could see

I was struck at how to create a subdomain and came across various YouTube and the following are the points which was catchy from internet and while I was trying to create subdomain, it confused me even more and didn't yield desired result

1. Google domain is not web hosting provider & just a domain registrar. If you create website with any of the Google platform like blogger, Google sites, your site will be connected with their DNS service. No IPV4 address. Their customer support sent such response

2. You can find that Google common ipv4 & ipv6 addresses are as below but those will not work when you create subdomain as it will lead to error

For IPv4: and/or & For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844.

4. I found my ipv4 address in this IP look up by referring an article. But if you use it, your personal IP address of your own laptop or Desktop is exposed and it is a threat as indicated by them and they insist to pay to protect- Gosh.

How I found solution
I watched few youtubes who says to visit custom records to create a subdomain. The main issue in those youtubes, I could not find my IPV4 or IPV6 address and I was beating around the bush
Finally, I figured out 2 ways and found my subdomains were started working after some time
Way 1
I used Google website hosts IP address as my IPV4 address. When you create using this method, Google automatically does the DNS set up for said Google cloud ip address

How to find - Visit your blogger website connected with your domain, click on the lock icon, click certificate, click details & click subject alternative name, there you will find a IP address and use the same in create subdomain with IPV4 address
how to find ipv4 address

Visit to registered hosts or Glue records, fill up the IP number you found from your domain address as above, give your host name and save

How to find ipv4 of Google name server

Way 2 to create subdomain without ipv4

I used name server which was allocated by Google domain in custom resource record to create my subdomain and after some time my subdomains started working
How to find- Visit Google domains registrar, visit respective domain, click manage, click "Domains" 3rd from top at the left side, scroll for custom resource and add your subdomain name(example), select NS in Type, keep the TTL as default  and copy paste any one of your name server out of 4, click save

create subdomain through nameserver

Hope this helps you in  how to identify ipv4 of google name server, thanks & keep visiting to my blog

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