How to check air quality, rain, cyclone in my area ?

Do you have a problem of installing various apps to forecast weather, AQI, pollution? Here you find ALL in ONE with my justification

We find it hard nowadays to predict air quality, rain, cyclone due to drastic climate change, a impact of Global warming. It is too quick to see sudden change in weather while we are preoccupied. When you are away from home, no access of TV, your mobile will come handy to check weather by yourself. Well there are plenty of articles, YouTube explaining Climate Change due to Global warming and would suggest you to read the best one I come across which could be understood by all. 

Indian Cyclone history from 1891 to 2002
Indian Cyclone history from 1891 to 2002, Courtesy-NCRMP, India

This article is made out of my self justification for convincing myself "why should I have a app for forecasting rain, cyclone, measuring pollution and finding air quality index near me and how it is going to help me". It is completely readers discretion about what brand/type/to (must) have an app with better operating/monitoring system in forecasting such natural calamities in order to protect life of human, associated living being, properties being responsible in your family

I waited for years to experience a cyclone in my area and I could witness one when I entered teenage. Point is the frequency was long earlier

You can read the increassing frquency of cyclones here Cyclone histories in Wikipedia since 1860s prior Independence 

Other useful information below can be read here in Indian Government website

  1. Number of cyclones from 1890 to 2002, State-wise
  2. How cyclones are classified
  3. Cyclone prone zone, States and its impacts

The reality and the point is, 

Weather change, rain, cyclone are often nowadays and it will become worse in future. These climatic conditions are going to be normal in coming years and I did realize my high time of having rain forecasting app during 2015 Chennai Flooding after few losses. 

Similarly, I realize my high time of having an air quality index measuring app during these times while AQI of Indian capital keep on increasing year by year and World's Top 6 out of 10 Most Polluted places are in India as per this article

How to Check Rain, Cyclone, Air Quality, Pollution all in One app? 

Here we go, I do suggest Windy Mobile Weather app.

Why do I suggest it - 

  • It has World's Best Technology for Realtime prediction. It chooses the best technology for respective parameter & based on your area. Read the Technology they are using in blog
  • It is Completely FREE, no sign up is required
  • You can visualize & predict rain, cyclone, Air Quality so that we can identify the seriousness and make counter measures
  • Interface is well organized and you can get what you want easily
  • It will encourage provoke & prompt your sense of taking inclusive participation for climate change
  • It is available in web for better interpretation with wider screen
    Windy forecast model

Download Windy App and Install. While opening first time, it will prompt for using mobile data, select "Allows while using this app" and second prompt will be units of measurement for wind & temperature. I chose Km/Hr for wind and Celsius for temperature, you can choose your at your convenience.

1. How to Check and Forecast Cyclone and Wind

By default, it will be in Wind Mode - Wherever you want details like speed & direction, click on the name of the place ,you can forecast wind for 6 days on hourly basis with prevailing condition and you can play it forecast to check animation for 10 days. 

Also, you can click any location to forecast anywhere in the World and this is applicable for all parameters forecasts and I am not going to repeat for Rain, tide and so on

Rain, Cyclone, Pollution, AQI all in one weather app

2. How to Check and Forecast Rain, Clouds, Thunder

How to check rain in my area
Click on 3lines- Menu, you will get the side bar to select the parameters, click on Rain, thunder and click on screen again. You will see a eye catchy animation of clouds, thunders, wind direction. In order to forecast rain for specific location, click on name of the place, you will get forecast for 6 days hourly and if you push play at the bottom left, you can see animated prediction of rainfall for 10days

Radar & Satellite option are available for highlight which are useful for Scientists. Weather radar can show the locations of areas of precipitation clearly and its images are able to show the intensity of the precipitation and satellite images are useful to predict & monitor cloud cover

What are all others : For Clouds, Thunder, Snow, Temperature, Waves - you can select from the menu and rest of the procedures are as indicated above

Check in Youtube for Rain & Cyclone

2. How to check Air Quality & Pollution

Click on 3lines- Menu, you will get the side bar to select the parameters, click on Air Quality and you will have default favorite pollution 

  1. Nitrogen dioxide, 
  2. Aerosol, 
  3. Particulate Matters 2.5 
  4. Ozone layers

click on one by one and click on the map to check respective location. 

How to check pollution in my area
If you want to measure more pollutions like 

  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Dust mass
  • Surface ozone

you have to click More layers and select respective one.

In order to get, Real time Air Quality Index, come bit lower than More Layers in Menu and click Air Quality

You can view animated forecasts of pollution that how it flows from state to state, country to country, boundary to boundary and can understand the Global issue on Air pollution which is one among the key factor for Global Climate Change

Visit Youtube for how to check air pollution

Side effects & Health impact of air pollution- source WHO for limits and other searches for side effects

Pollution gases and its norms


Whatever the app we install at the end of the day, measure the weather impacts, pollution impact and fine tune our lifestyle to match with natural way by reducing waste responsibly and changing our lifestyle through Go Green Initiatives

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