What is CCC personality & How to handle them?

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Well, if you land in this article by search, you must be either in management of a company or some one would have indicated & provoked you to search the term CCC in personality perspective. This article is made out of my experience and observation among my society I live in.

This term is common among industries & management. It is one of the personality traits which can be measured thru behavioral facts

There are different field in the World to give distinctive meaning of CCC. This article gives you some guidance on CCC personality from my experience.  We see people everyday, we deal in our day to day job & business, we see politicians in media, business men and you can distinguish any of them by this term after observing them closely. 

What is CCC personality?

I have been told about them in later 1990's when I started my profession after studies but could not get the whole idea & phenomenon behind it, however, I could guess over a period of time when I became victim throughout my career.

Lets see the abbreviation of this CCC

C - Create (the confusion)

C - Confuse (the confusion)

C - Conclude (the confusion) 

CCC characters

1. Create the confusion - These personalities are the one who creates the confusion among us in the first phase, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Intentional creator will never convince on any kind of constructive reply or action plan of the forum and they find new lame excuses on each.

Example - I would like to present politics so that it can be understood by all Worldwide rather any sector, industry & management. Politician's allegations on each other is the best example. This is perfect blame game to confuse the media, public so that they can draw attention

In Industry, we can can say it is bullying. Though there will be no tangible benefit for the management, the originator may have some benefit like drawing attention, delaying a decision, bullying to avoid the credit to right person.

Tips for handling - This is the initial stage and you may not be able to stop them unless otherwise you allow them to go to the next stage. When you recognize them, you must reduce conflicts, admit their points, indicate that you will organize follow up meetings to address the concerns and you must take note of all such bullying points and check whether he is answering it in next stage.

2. Confuse the confusion - The beauty of this personality is that they will confuse when the forum present a solution and action plan. Unfortunately, they will use complicated sentence, jargons, contradictory statements, unsolicited quotes, unknown statistics in verbal. They will be clear to confuse the confusion they created. They may not have clear answers for the questions and issues they raised in previous stage.

Example - Check your country politicians who are all doing the above said activities so that you can understand the stage. In Industry, the respective personality will start meeting the high commands with his verbal allegations and try to yield the result. Here they will use their influence, skill based on the position in respective post & department

Tips for handling - They will start admitting or allowing others to explain and slowly they will incline and shows some positive signal. Use it wisely and admire them without touching their ego. The confusion curve starts to come down if the attempts are successful

3. Conclude/Convince the confusion- While they will admit the forum decision, still they will be reluctant to admit it is correct due to their egoistic, dictatorship nature. If they are positive at this juncture, they may feel sorry as they didn't recognize and they can be categorized as open minded as they are openly admitting mistakes. However, few may pretend to listen as there is no option except to agree and they may be considered as closed mind

Tips for handling- Answer their questions they raised in the beginning stage. Address the advantageous of this decision or plan whatever made with clear examples & facts. Take the help of his influencer to convince him in the forum so that the CCC stage can be brought to final stage


I served in manufacturing sector of large capital goods, wished to give some awareness on how these CCC people will behave, what is their intention and how to handle them. If they are within your team, it is completely in your control to stop them, counsel them, where as, if the personality is from other boundary or department within the organization take up with their respective incharge as it may not be good for the organization. If it is outside the company like politics in the country, take the tips as above and guess their move to stay focused without confusion. There are some exemptions as below


Please be sure to not to confuse CCC with change for developmental & sustainable future like automobile fuel change due to it's threat to human kind  

Business centric CCC example - This CCC phenomenon will be widely used by almost all sector like FMCG, Electronic durables, Health, Essential commodities

The best example I would say the sugar level in our health, permissible PPM in water..etc. Out of numerous examples available, I will quote Dr BM Hegdae  YouTubes(search results in link)  which narrates modern health industry's business phenomenon and you can analyze the rest with your perspective. 

You can't change or challenge this business centric CCC phenomenon like personalities as these are entirely different and driven with great influence of Money, Media, Mind and other Ms. It is bound to happen, however you can stay away from negative effects on thorough analysis/observation. 

However, be clear on the change for good sustainable future and CCC phenomenon 

Thanks for reading

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