Multiple Opportunities given in Strong Future International-SFI is SCAM?

Absolutely No. It is an Affiliate marketing company having A+ accreditation from Better Business Bureau and doing business since 1990s. 

They run plenty of business opportunity and listed below

Win Apple, Sony chromebook

  1. Become or Refer E-commerce Associate (ECA) and promote sales instantly in 190 countries
  2. Refer people with skills to list down their skills and you get commission
  3. Refer Purchaser from 190 countries to purchase any product out of 50000 products online and earn commission whenever they purchase
  4. Participate in Price bender auction  to win fabulous prizes like Sony chromebook, Apple phone
  5. Become an affiliate & develop a team of affiliates , nurture them & grow along
Monthly Income of  1000$  assured progressively

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  1. Affiliate marketing is basically online marketing, whereby you own the site, to encourage trade or Items and or services and get paid for every sale, visit, or subscription sent to merchant. affiliate