Ads in Facebook- Useful tips- How to create a Fan page & Custom Landing page

Facebook fan pages go a long way while branding your business online and right now this is one of the top out posts that any business would have. People constantly seek advice on how to grow more using Facebook fan pages. The reason is obvious, more and more people are at Facebook. This article will guide you through how to build your brand using Facebook.

Create a fan page in the right category

If it's a company, let it be one; if it's about you then choose your proper designation. A Facebook page that is in a proper category will attract more organic traffic. If your business is a company in Facebook, then you can select it as your employers in your Facebook profile.

How to create a Fan page

Put up a good profile pic for your Facebook fan page

A good profile pic will attract more people into your page. When your fans share news about you, others will see your name and the profile picture. So make it nice and attractive. With current Facebook, you can set the headshot of your profile pic. Drag and align it make the profile picture look nice. You can have a pic with the height of at most 540 pixels, so use every bit of it.

Post useful updates on your fan page

If you don't update regularly, you will miss out fan engagement. Add a mix of text, links, photo and videos. Ask questions, share resources and write well wishes. Allow your fans to write on your wall and when they do, thank them.

Create a custom landing page for Facebook

With Facebook iFrame application, you can create a custom tab/page for your Facebook business page. The best thing about this is you can set a custom message for the first time viewers and assign them to take an action. Let it be to LIKE you.

How to create a custom landing page in facebook

Create sub pages for your business.

You can create many pages on Facebook so why stop at one? You can create a page for one of your products. Facebook pages also get indexed on Google, so this can bring in search engine positions for your name.

My Online searches & conclusion

While I was searching for benefits of the Facebook feature ads, I came across a website by Mr.Jonloomer, a digital Marketing consultant.

He encourages to use Facebook feature ads for businesses and he suggest tips too. He has written many articles on how to use Facebook ads and the content is useful.

He has narrated the main reasons for failures of Facebook ads and he explains the tips to avoid them too.

More tips like ad's dimension & character limits are very useful for advertisers and I hope, the below link to his blog will help the business owners to plan for advertisements in Facebook.

My suggestion
  1. He explains all the advantages in the Facebook ads. However, the result/feedback of your ads depends based on your presentation, strategy....
  2. I suggest to split your ad placement to 4 to 5 types of presentation/strategy to identify the result (as I hope, people log in there to meet friends, families where a sales stall may not impress much. Your ad must give warm impressions)
  3. Based on that you can plan for legitimate ads which brings penny for a long time.

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