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Nowadays lot of marketing tool is available in the internet and I wanted to highlight the importance & success of  E-mail marketing in recent internet market. The below info graphics which I found recently in website describes the trend.

Email readings in smart phones and Tablets are in increased trend and correspondingly email views in desktop shows downtrend. Thus, increase of email views in smart phone & tablets has triggered my mind and I started searching for a E-mail tool.

I found Mailchimp.com for smart phones, tablets and as well as for desktop which gives me handsome of prefabricated formats of Emails. I am sure that it will definitely increase my ad clicks and it is very helpful tool for my E-Business.

I opted a free account in which I can send 12000 Emails/month and I can store 2000 subscribers in my account which suffice my requirement write now.
It has given me strength to make my fellow affiliates to impress and focus on the business.

Try it and share it with your friends here- Mailchimp
Other Alternative is Constant Contact 

This week’s featured infographic comes from Monetate, Intelligent Email Marketing that Drives Conversions. Social media has certainly not killed email marketing, which still converts on average higher than search engine traffic and not surprisingly, more than Twitter.

To be effective, you must avoid batch blasting, the email echo chamber, and understand the techno graphics of your audience.

My observation

This article proves that Mobiles are going to be a big player and customized Email marketing is constructive, result oriented than tweets in social networks.

Email Marketing Tips & Format

Obtain clear and obvious consent: If your recipients don’t know you or aren’t expecting your emails, they could mark them as spam. Ask your recipients to opt-in where possible and make it easy to unsubscribe with a button. 

Use E mail marketing system: Constant Contact or MailChimp make it easy to send multiple emails and manage your campaigns. For a fee you can manage your mailing lists more easily, with automatic unsubscribe and easy list importing, as well as diagnostic reports telling you who’s opened your email and how they’ve responded. 

Encourage replies: Allow your recipients to reply to a dedicated email address – it will build trust.

Accept unsubscribe in any mode: Also, act on requests that go to addresses other than your prescribed remove address, such as a sender or reply-to address.

Accept complaints and resolve them quickly: This will not only help you avoid losing potential customers, but also prevent you violating your ISP's acceptable-use policy. Use a dedicated mail id for this.

Authenticate your email messages: People are more likely to open messages when they can clearly see whom they’re from.

Be clear : Avoid anything that could hide your identity, spy on recipients, or extract information without consent.

Keep your mailing lists up to date: Clean your lists regularly, removing inactive addresses and making sure anyone who has unsubscribed doesn’t continue to receive messages. 

Include your Target: Your email should have a purpose, don’t hesitate to spell it out.
Focus on your content: Remember the basics to write the quality e-mails:
From line: Use a real person’s name or at least the name of your brand – people are more likely to open an email if they recognize where it’s come from.

Subject line: Make it something people will actually want to open – but don’t use keywords that are likely to send your message to the spam folder, like ‘free’ or ‘offer’.

Headline: Tell your audience up front what they can expect to get from your email – people are unlikely to read further if they don’t understand quickly what they have to gain from it. 

Content: Offer your customers something they can use and that’s relevant to them. Whether it’s useful information, a money-saving offer or an amusing story, they’ll be more likely to act on your email if you’ve helped them in some way.

Call to action: Suggest something that your audience to do. Whether it’s to visit your site, enter a competition or pick up the phone, you’ll get better results if you ask. 
Where this will work well-  
  • Offers from E-commerce websites to Existing clients
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Referral Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing 


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