What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?
It is the practice optimizing websites to maximize the traffic they'll receive from search engines.

It is quite easy to learn the basic SEO factors if you spend a couple hours researching on the web. Here is a quick summary :

-You need to have unique and useful content.
-You need to have quality and relevant backlinks.
-Your title tags should be unique and contain your main keywords.
-Your permalinks should be based on keywords rather than symbols.
-Your website shouldn't have many folders, and its pages should
be interlinked.

If you follow these guidelines soon you'll start getting a decent amount of traffic from Google.

We should be careful, however, to not become greedy and start over-optimizing your website, which is a mistake we do.

Here are the most common forms of search engine over-optimization :

1. Repeating the main keywords over and over again in the body of the article to increase the keyword density.

2. Using the bold and italic typefaces over and over again on the main keywords of the page.

3. Creating footer links with optimized and unnatural anchor texts pointing to internal pages.

4. Getting back links from low quality sources (e.g., web directories and do follow blogs) with optimized and unnatural anchor texts.

5. Getting too many back links with the same anchor text.

6. Exchanging with or buying links form low quality or unrelated websites.

These tactics might work in the short term, as the person applying them might see an increase in the search rankings and organic traffic.

But after some time, which usually is a couple of days, the Google bots will flag that website for over-optimization, and a human editor will review. If the editor finds that the website owner was
indeed trying to manipulate Google search results by over-optimizing its website a penalty will be given, and the site will lose its rankings and traffic from Google.

Google is one of the best traffic sources you can have, so don't risk your website's reputation by trying to over-optimize it. Follow the basic SEO guidelines and your organic traffic will increase gradually.

Important- Over pinging

I am an Affiliate Marketing Team leader in SFI for which I used to ping my blog more often which reduced my page rank. So Never Ever ping your blog at enormous frequency. Your gateways will be pinged automatically when you post new articles in your blog and unnecessary pinging will lead to penalty and reduce your page rank. Have a controlled ping(I do not have any authentic info, however weekly once I saw from some forums)


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