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I am an Affiliate Marketer with Strong Future International since last 10 months and getting my Leveraged income - Watch this Video to know the value of Leverage income.

I am not an Internet savy while starting this Affiliate Marketing and I used to read all the tutorials in my Affiliate website, search the web, read blogs, read E-books, Forums and identified some resources which will be very helpful for Affiliate marketing.

I have given below all the resources with links for affiliate marketers use, please leave your comments if any
How affiliate Marketing works? - Watch this Video

Prepare your Mind to Read... Read....Read...and Explore
In order to start your business, prepare your mind to dedicate your time for reading and exploring the new opportunities.Internet is a time killer and you have to stay focused on your requirement. Since I lost lot of time by not adhering to the rule " Stay Focused", I would like to offer you some useful links.
Blogging- First step to start the business
Visit -, Subscribe for newsletter and download the E-book Make Money Blogging, you will find the useful basics prior to start your blog.

Start few Niche websites based on the product you are going to market.

Submit your blog to search Engines

In order to make your blog/s searchable by other users, it is always advised to include your blog in search engines during beginning. Later, your blogs may be visible in all search engines like google, yahoo if you make it with good stuffs.

Though you can find several Blog search engines in the web, I would like to refer a link which leads to the list of blog search engines. This was the list which I used to enlist my blogs in the beginning

Link your blog to Facebook

Visit your facebook account and find the RSS grafiti in the App center at the Left side of your facebook home. You can add several blogs, and you can adjust your Publishing plans for frequency of auto update.

Increase the Facebook Likes

If you are marketing several products, it is always essential to write up the brief description about the product to highlight to the customer and draw their attention.

You will have lot of advertisement tips and marketing strategies in where he is writing all about Facebook Inside.

Finally, to get more facebook likes, you have to advertize with facebook which may work costlier. In my opinion, I may not be able to strongly suggest to go for Facebook Campaign to increase the likes for your small business on online affiliate marketing. But if you have strong confidence/belief/faith on the affiliate system you are in, then Facebook ad campaign will definitely increase your customer base.

Prior to make your own Ad campaign in facebook, I will suggest to buy cheap facebook likes here and test your customers with your blog posts/timeline message so that you can learn yourself and avoid the DONT'S. Though you read several tips on marketing strategy, the REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE/LESSONS LEARNT can never be never be forgotten.

Posting ads.
Your focus is very determined if your E-commerce associate(ECA) has single/few product to market with customers . All tasks like building a blog, writing product description and frequent discounts are very easy to reach your customers.

If your ECA has more products, it will be very difficult to advertize for all the products. Therefore you can choose the products you want to promote by affiliate marketing based on
  • The commission offered
  • The shipping fee (Whether domestic/international marketing)
  • Conversions of previous running ads
  • Budget for your advertisement or Free ad scheme
While you plan for larger spectrum of people and products,you have to select your products that you are going to advertize based on the above mentioned and post ads.

Posting ads is cumbersome job unless you keep track on that. My ECA provides free Hit tracking and key code tracking where some of the affiliate marketing may not.

I suggest the  as I am using it for the past 6 months and it accepts all my affiliate link. Google & other shorteners are not allowing Affiliate urls.

Useful ad posting resources
Niche ad generator for Backpage,Craiglist 
ECA adposter
Other Ad posting & comment posting software ( Please check for the genuineness)

Pay per Click Programs
To drive traffic to your affiliate website, you have to drive bulk traffic to your gateway to convert them as your customer. If you are a beginner, it may be tough to drive traffic and few Pay per click programs will give you good results. 

But please be sure about your budget, earlier experience with the PPC advertiser, your landing page, Return of Investment ..etc( If you pay 0.2$ for a business of 0.1$, it is absurd). Easyhits4u providers are offering free traffic exchange for your clicks.

I use Google adwords but I am finding it harder nowadays as they are banning the affiliate links.
Easyhits4u is giving better results. I recently joined in as publisher and it works better.

Other PPC which I came across as better

                                                                                                          Will continue in future............

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