Plastic Aadhaar Card Printout or Smart Aadhaar Card Printout -Never be trapped

Preface - Awareness article on Aadhaar Card for Indians. Other nationals, ignore and enjoy other articles

Purpose- To Caution the General Public and my beloved Internet Community to not to be trapped in disclosing their identity to whomsoever

What is Aadhaar Card??
Well I don't need to tell you much about it if you are an Indian. Well and let us move on to the important information. The idea of Aadhar is inspired from United States Social Security number. Unique identity number for every citizen to keep track of. If you want to know more- Read here
Plastic Aadhaar Card Printout- Why??
The Aadhar card issued by Government of India is in            size and we find it bit uncomfortable while taking out as it is not handy like our Credit card, ATM card, Visiting Card..etc. Hence, we generally wish to have a handy Aadhaar Card in our pocket for all kind of ready use. Such handy Aadhaar cards are not provided by the Government of India and people are forced to choose general outlets available in market for such printout

Here we Go - Aadhaar Misuse
There are several types of Plastic Aadhaar cards printouts are available in market and I am listing out only few which are generally available. You can find when you Google "Plastic Aadhaar card Print out options".
Option 1- Call us and tell your Aadhaar Card number, we will printout & laminate your card
Option 2- Upload your Aadhaar card in our website and we will send you printout
Option 3- Become a sale partner and print out the card for your area etc...


While sharing such information, you are sharing all your details like address , parent name & identity which can be misused by any means. Best example is IRCTC has modified its Ticket Information system in the chart after receiving repeated allegation by many individuals & authorities that is being misused

I was also like you and I figured out "How this Aadhaar Card can be misused and I compiled all such results along with Government of India Notifications on such allegations/ frauds

Though the Aadhaar card is not effectively linked now except LPG, soon it is going to be linked with your passport, pan card, ration card..etc. Restrict sharing your identity for mandatory requirements alone like LPG, Bank account, Ration card..etc , Avoid sharing such information to all your requirements

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