Save Template is not Working while Editing HTML to include Meta tag

As a best blogging practice, you must list your blogs in search engines so that your blog will be visible to search engines and you get clicks.  

While registering, all search engines will ask you to include their "meta tag" (informs the search engine about snippets of page content in your blog post). Though there are other ways to list your blog/website to search engine, I use to follow this option as it is simple for Online Dummies like me.

These meta tags will not appear in your post/page but will be working behind the page along with html codes. The meta tags to be included in Template -Edit HTML where in, I was struck for 2 days and finally I figured it out

Step 1: Visit to your blogger and click Template 

Step 2: Click Edit HTML and check whether the Save template option is appearing ?? 

Step 3: If not, check for notifications of Blogger at the top of the HTML window & close it by clicking the "x" mark in right side of notification. (This is what I missed but did all other steps. At last I figured it out)

Now you can see your HTML window with Save Template Option

Jump to step 9 to add your meta tag with your blog. If not, follow other steps below 

Step 4: Click Customize your mobile site in Template - Click on the Gear symbol 

Step 5: By default it will show the mobile template option, otherwise click on Yes, show the mobile template in Mobiles & save it  

Step 6: Then click customize

Step 7: Check for the Remove customization (You have to customize your layout again after fixing this problem) 

Step 8: Apply to Blogger and Come back to Edit Html. Now you will find the Save Template Option

Step 9: Press edit html and look for <head> in the very beginning of the html codes 

Step 10: Click beside the <head> html code & enter 

Step 11: Paste the meta tags of the search engine and save template 

Step 12: Now go to respective search engine "webmaster tools" and press verify

"It is done"
Register with all the relevant search engines as per the category.
Never list your blogs in irrelevant category as it will be rejected

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