How to Stop Following Blogs in Blogger 2021

Why to stop follow other blogs

1. To revisit your earlier subscriptions which would have become irrelevant to your blog now

2. To stop seeing irrelevant distraction from your home page

3.To re-arrange the Reading list of blogs you follow


When you start your blog in beginning stage, being blogger beginner, you may read many article that how to connect your blog with backlinks

Most of the articles will give the following tips 


2. Follow other websites which has good page ranks and this how you will start following other blogs

And so on...I stop here as we have to focus on our specific tips "How to Stop following other Blogs" step by step

Way 1 of 2

1. Go for Preview of your blog and find the Tool and click on it

2.  Configuring window will open. 

  1. Click on Title of most recent items to enable your visitor to click if he is interested.
  2. You can sort by name or recent update
  3. You can show all blogs or only specific numbers
  4. You can opt how do you want the blogs you are following to be seen by your readers (I opted for recent Title & Thumbnail which may be eye-catching)
  5. Finally you can remove/rename the existing blogs

3. Save the setting. If you dont want to show the blog list completely, Click remove and the entire list will disappear.  It is done

(How to add the plug in "Blogs I follow" to be done with Layout of Blogger )

Way 2 of 2

1. Visit to Blogger Home page, Check the Readers list from the left panel and click

2. Click Manage and save after whichever you want to remove/delete.

Note- Ensure that the blogs you unfollow is deleted from Configuring window of Way 1 as explained above

It is done, thanks

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