What is Organic food? How to go Organic in everyday livelihood? Why to go Organic?

From The Dictionary - Organic is derived from Living Things, Free From Chemicals, Free from Pesticides. Etc

Why so much awareness on Organic

Simply because of exposures
1. Exposure of social media articles
2. Exposure of Health hazardous
3. Exposure of Contamination in Food
4. Fear of bad parenting 

When I do not know the processes of any product, I tend to believe what is told & advertised is real till we get convinced by another article which is extremely opposite to the old one.

I would say advertising technique of a famous brand toothpaste/powder during my Childhood – 

"Are you still using the Salt & Charcoal for brushing your teeth???" 

After 30 years of business, the same tooth paste manufacturer is asking 

" Is your paste having Charcoal & Salt??" 

Now, this is the point I start doubting about any corporate business and fortunately, all social media unfolded the opportunities to the common man like you & me to start comment, share our views. which leads the particular subject "Organic" Go Viral in public domain

Organic farmingNowadays, genetically engineered (GE) food and genetically modified organisms (GMO), Pesticides are contaminating our food supply at an alarming rate, with consequences beyond understanding

Example - I read an article in Food NDTV, India which is updated during June 2017 says that Apple is the highly contaminated fruit. The same is reflecting in an American website prevention.com with an image (but doesn't indicate anything about contamination). 

Few articles shows that analyses done and the results were with high pesticides - Read here at Times now

GE & GMO can reduce pesticides as they are highly resistant to insects which influence the reduction of pesticides. However, GE & GMO seeds are being debated in India now that this creates dependency on foreign companies (who sell the pesticides) for royalty, huge side effects and goes against nature- Read here

Non-veg is not Exclusive - Now a day’s chickens are fed with antibiotics and if you eat chicken regularly, you will fall prey to it. No antibiotics will work for you and you will have lot of genetic changes. Once pesticides enter food chain, it is available to both vegetarians and non-vegetariansRead here

Due to social media , awareness among people drastically increasing and drive everyone towards buying organic cultivated spices. We could see the numbers of organic shops are increasing comparatively every previous year. A writer has published a news in ALJAZEERA, a famous media in Gulf Countries about the organic farming which surprised me.

Every country has a scale for Organic Cultivation, Food & Regulation
European Union: EU-Eco-regulation Sweden: KRAV
United Kingdom: DEFRA
New Zealand: there are three bodies; BioGroAsureQuality, and OFNZ


Conclusion & Why to Go Organic
  • If you have roof garden, balcony, space then try to cultivate vegetables, herbs instead of junks. This will save your health during this pandemic and your future generation mindset of organic cultivation. I planted few key herbs (Aadu theenda ilai, Thulsi, Omavalli, Vetrilai, Thhoduvelai) for preparing an Ayurveda medicine in my home as per this article 
  • Make an analysis in your local area about seasonal vegetables which grows in general (not in conditional atmosphere). Example- In our area, farmers cultivate country brinjal, drumstick, Guava, papaya, watermelon, mango..etc and I buy them during the seasons but not every time for your long term hygiene and health
  • Contribute to the society for organic cultivation. Check your surroundings for need of bio-degradable disposals from your home like vegetable waste for manufacturing organic supplement for their plants. Encourage the farmers who is doing organic cultivation by buying from them.
  • Plan for your retirement life in organic cultivation so that you will be engaged to burn your calories and your society is safe 
  • Find out natural & organic farmers in your area and learn about organic cultivation, duplicate the techniques thru blogs,  websites to your neighborhood 
  • Read books on organic cultivation, government schemes in your state, Country(Ex- India) for organic cultivation and increase awareness among all for a healthy generation & wisdom
If you are from Tamilnadu, India, read the story of Green crusader & scientist - Nammalvar

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